About us

    Every individuals within PT Duta Computer is commited to bringing total satisfaction to our customers. Be it by timely deliveries, friendly peoples, good-quality products, and even up to flexible payment terms. There is nothing we wouldn't do to achieve Total Customer Satisfaction.

    Corporate Bio
    Founded in 1997 as a personal computer shop with direct-to-customer business conduct, Duta Computer is now operating from a 3-storeys twin-shop-houses which houses 34 employees, with 14 of them as technical personnels, while still operating under the same business conduct as before, as it is critical to the continued success as a company, as well as for the individuals within the company. With Service as our focus to serve our customers, who rely on Duta Computer as a true partner in their business success, we not only provide them with the absolute best products, technology and service, but we also listen to them, anticipate future needs, and earn their business every day. There are three main business lines in which PT Duta Computer operates on:

    Providing IT hardware, including accessories and supplies
    Duta Computer provides for its customers the means to obtain various kinds and various brands of PCs, Servers and Accessories. For customers who have a more specific need, Duta Computer also enable customers to customize a specific system based on their needs and requirements. Aside from computer systems, Duta Computer als o provides accessories such as printers, LCD monitors, modems, sound and video cards, and others. As for supplies, Duta Computer provides inks and ribbons used in the most general printers available in the market. As a new addition, Duta Computer now holds distributorship for APC brand of UPSes, to further the support for Batam customer on power protection needs. This includes selling point and service centre, as well as warranty drop-off point. For PC brand, Duta Computer also acts as Reseller for Dell PC Brand. This ensure that all needs for Dell branded PC and server can be taken care of directly from Batam, thus cutting more transport and support time and charges from Jakarta. As another plus, we also care for Dell’s 3 years warranty service for Batam and the surrounding regions.

    Service and Maintenance Support
    Service and Maintenance have always been the stronger part of the company. Duta Computer is the only retail shop in Batam accepting one-to-one replacement warranty (certain rules apply) to its customers. For those items that the one-to-one replacement warranty could not be applied, Duta Computer also provides a temporary replacement for those items while pending for the item to be repaired. As Duta Computer has quite a number of businesses running mission-critical production systems as its customers, Duta Computer will also have to apply a certain rules to access these types of customers. Thus is the reason for the 4 hour response time standard method applied to its customers, where Duta Computer provides on-site technical specialist within 4 hours of a customer’s call.

    Network & Security System Design and Consultation
    From the past few years, Duta Computer has also provides networking and security systems. From small offices need to share printer to a private company providing internet gateway to their customers, Duta Computer have provide for all. This service is starting from site visit, design, devices procurement, and the implementation, up to testing, maintenance and warranty services.